I create highly engaging wedding videos for Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. My focus is to
tell your wedding day story with emotional audio and timeless cinematography. I offer weddings films
that feel natural and heartwarming.


I will sit down with you on your wedding day to ask you a few questions about how your two paths
 crossed in life and how your relationship has grown since. These conversations are filmed and sometimes used in
the wedding video to carry a portion of the story. 






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A unique way to share your story with friends and family. A Pre-Wedding film is a great way to create a time capsule of your relationship. This 2 - 3 minute video
can be played at your reception for all your friends and family to enjoy. The shoot takes about 4 hours and includes individual interviews
as well as a video engagement shoot. These two elements are editing together to create a captivating story of how you
two crossed paths in life. Pre-Wedding video's are $799 with any wedding package or $1275 on their own. 






  • Most of my couples are located in Toronto, Woodbridge, Collingwood, Niagara on the Lake, and north of the GTA. I will travel anywhere for your wedding but I am based out of an office just off hwy 404 and hwy 407 in south east Richmond Hill. My office address is 9225 Leslie St. Richmond Hill.

  • What a special moment it is for your guests to see the entire day unfold in front of them, in a highly engaging story of your journey earlier that day. With a runtime of 3:00 - 3:30 minutes your Same Day Edit is usually played right before your speech. A Same Day Edit can be easily added to any two camera package for $375.

  • Want to take the pressure off on the wedding day and film a Pre-Wedding video to be played at the reception? These videos are the equivalent to an engagement photoshoot . I will sit-down with you both individually and ask you to walk me through your journey together since you first met each. I also capture footage of you both together at locations of your choosing. I have had couples in the past add a Same Day Edit to the second half of the Pre-Wedding film, so their families can see footage from the wedding day as well. Pricing starts at $795 for a 4 hour shoot plus a 2-3 minute film, when combined with a wedding package.

  • First and foremost we want you to enjoying your wedding day and we want to capture the moments as they happen naturally.  Our approach allows you to enjoy your wedding day as it unfolds without staging or duplicating moments.  Through communication and planning done beforehand we’re able to capture all your special moments non-intrusively. 

  • The advantage to our complete in house production is that Jeremy handles your story from start to finish. With this method we can insure that the quality of your story does not get lost during post-production.  This approach means we don’t subcontract any of our stories to external editors.

  • We use a unique library of music to enhance the emotional impact and overall engagement level of your wedding film.  All music is licensed and used by permission which means you can freely share your wedding film with family and friends on social media.

  • All our cameras record simultaneously to two cards to avoid losing your wedding footage due to a corrupt memory card.

  • "In the end, we couldn't be more satisfied. The combination of Jeremy's very reasonable rates, plus his absolute dedication to professionalism, and cordial, amiable demeanor, make Jeremy an obvious choice. To put it simply - he 'gets it' - he knows how to do his job well and, most importantly, makes the day about the bride and groom, not getting the shot.".

    Erin + Eric
    Erin + Eric,
  • "There's a certain amount of personalization that really sets Jeremy's videos apart. As he says, the word 'video' hardly does the end product justice – the end result is truly a 'story' about the bride and groom's journey to becoming a married couple.".

    Erin + Eric
    Erin + Eric,
  • "Jeremy's passion for his profession really showed in his excitement to share his work and in the quality of the video.".

    Amanda + Patrick
    Amanda + Patrick,
  • "A few qualities we saw in Jeremy that contributed to the great job he did: Communication, Passion, Professionalism, Knowledge, Pride.".

    Amanda + Patrick
    Amanda + Patrick,
  • "Jeremy's talent and experience translate into amazing work! He is very easy and fun to work with. Talented beyond anything we ever expected (and we had high expectations) and is very reasonably priced. We would absolutely recommend him to any of our family and friends.".

    Emilie + Aaron
    Emilie + Aaron,
  • "Phenomenal service!! We really enjoyed working with Jeremy. His input and suggestions were priceless. Would highly recommend Jeremy.".

    Justyna + Giuseppe
    Justyna + Giuseppe,
  • "It's clear that his ability capture a day, a feeling, a moment was a step above anything that we had seen. From the first conversation, Jeremy showed a deep understanding of his industry and his craft.".

    Amanda + Patrick
    Amanda + Patrick,
  • "Jeremy, you did such an amazing job making my wedding video! It was everything I could imagine! Working with you was so much fun and you made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera. If ever I need you for any other occasion I know I will be contacting you first!".

    Samantha + Julian
    Samantha + Julian,
  • "Jeremy did a fantastic job, capturing all of our special moments. He was fun and easy to work with and he made everyone feel very comfortable. Jeremy beautifully told our story through the video. We couldn't have been more pleased with the final product.".

    Lindsey + Daniel
    Lindsey + Daniel,
  • "Jeremy is a consummate pro. The way he conducts his business, the way he captures the big day, the way he interacts with other photographers at the wedding, and the way he integrates into the background - all qualities that make him a top-notch videographer.".

    Erin + Eric
    Erin + Eric,



Please contact me below for your custom online quote

Two Camera + Feature


plus hst
  • Lead Videographer (12 hours)
  • Main Videographer (12 hours)
  • Wedding Feature (13-18 min)
  • Licensed Soundtracks
  • High definition web links
  • USB in display case
  • Travel within coverage included
  • Add Same Day Edit $550
  • -
Three Camera + SDE + Feature


plus hst
  • Lead Videographer (12 hours)
  • Main Videographer (12 hours)
  • Solid Videographer (12 hours)
  • Same Day Edit (3 - 4 min)
  • Wedding Feature (15 - 20 min)
  • Licensed Soundtracks
  • High definition web links
  • Travel within coverage included
  • USB in display case



Additional Coverage - $250/h

Additional coverage can be added on to any 12 hour package at a rate of $250/h. This all inclusive hourly rate covers 2 videographers for the hour plus all extra editing fees and soundtrack licensing fees associated with the additional footage.

RAW footage - $275

All your RAW footage exported into easy to play High Definition .MP4 files. Categorized into the 5 major sections of the day for each camera.

Speeches Edit - $85

An edit containing all your speeches in order. The edit comes colour corrected with mastered audio. - $85

Instagram Edit - $195

A 1 minute specialized edit to share your wedding story on Instagram. Prioritized turnaround.

Facebook Edit - $550

A personally hand crafted edit to share with friends and family on Facebook. With an estimated run time of 3:00 - 5:00 minutes. Your Facebook Edit includes up to two licensed soundtracks from "The Music Bed". With this approach you own the rights to your entire Wedding Feature. This rate covers all Post Production studio time associated with the import, additional rough cutting, story building, soundtrack research and timeline placement from the footage outlined in the original contract. This video will be free of any copyrighted material and can be uploaded directly to Facebook so your friends and family will see your wedding auto-play directly on their Facebook Feed.

Pre-Wedding Film - Starting at $1250

A session starting at 4 hours to create something truly unique to show on your wedding day. The video runs 3 - 4 minutes and is usually shown at the reception during dinner. Please contact me for more details if you have a video idea you'd like created for your wedding day.

DVD's & Blu-ray's (Set of 3) - $185

3 DVD's or Blu-rays for your parents and extended family. The disc has a professionally printed cover and comes in a protective disc sleeve. When inserted into player your wedding feature will automatically play. - $185

Engagement Party

3 - 10 minute edit of your engagement party. Please contract Jeremy to receive a custom package for your event.














Please call between

11am - 7pm (Mon - Sun) 


Office Address

9225 Leslie Street
Suite 201
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 3H6